October 2017
To:      All award winners 2016-2017 SATW Foundation
Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Competition
From: David Molyneaux, SATW Foundation
Re:      Recognition of winners
       We showcase each year’s winners of the Lowell Thomas Awards online at the SATW Foundation website, www.satwf.com. Many people wish to see the winning entries, so with our list of winners, we provide links to their work.
       To help us give appropriate recognition, please do one of the following:
  • Email us the URL for your winning entry/entries. We need the specific link. It may be a link to the publishing source or a copy of the work on your own website.
  • Or, send us a PDF of your winning entry/entries and we’ll showcase that.
  • Grand Award winners can send a Word document listing their portfolio entries with links.
       The author and/or publication retains full rights to the work, and neither SATW nor the SATW Foundation will offer such material for sale nor derive any profits from this recognition of winners. Should you have any questions, please contact Mary Lu Abbott, SATW Foundation administrator at MaryLuA@satwf.com.
       You may fill out this form and email it to us, or copy and paste the following information into your email window and send it, or email a PDF to us at awards@satwf.com.  
YOUR NAME­­­­­­­­_____________________________________________________
YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS___________________________________________
(or phone, in case we need to contact you; it’s not for publication)
CATEGORY, PLACE WON__________________________________________
WINNING ENTRY TITLE____________________________________________
PUBLICATION AND DATE __________________________________________
(Multiple winners may list information for each entry below.) 
Email to awards@satwf.com.
Thank you.