2017-18 SATW Foundation Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Competition

PRINT/SAVE this page for help when entering the competition.

Below are the general rules and eligibility guidelines. These also are on the entry website,, to check as you prepare entries: Click on Instructions in the drop-down menu under the Contest Info heading.

Who’s eligible: The competition is open to all North American journalists, including ones working overseas. Work by foreign journalists is not eligible unless they are living/working some of the year in North America. Multiple bylines are acceptable; winners share the prize money.

What’s eligible: Work must have been published/posted/broadcast in English between April 1, 2018, and March 31, 2019, except as noted in specific categories. Category 102 Newspaper Travel Coverage, Categories 103a and 103b Magazines and Category 120 Travel Journalism Websites are for North American publishers. Work by journalists may be in North American or foreign media and is not restricted to travel publications/websites. Advertorials, work produced under contract for commercial promotion and newsletter issues/articles are not eligible. Series are not eligible unless noted specifically in a category.

The rules: Enter as many submissions as desired. However, a single work cannot be submitted in more than two categories, though also may be part of a multiple-submission category, such as the Grand Award. When a specific work is going in more than one category, it must be submitted for each category. An entry can win only one award, although it also may be part of a winning package, such as the Grand Award. Further rules are noted within categories.

The fees: These are $20 or $50, with most individual work being $20 an entry and categories such as Grand Award and books being $50. Fees are noted in the Categories list and with each category in the summary of your entries on your contest entry form. You must pay to complete your entries. When finished making all your entries, use the Calculate Fee button on your Managing Entries page to see the total amount due. See Detailed Instructions on this website for Payment Information.

Entry guidelines

  • Entries must be filed electronically, except as follows: Publications entering Category 102 Newspaper Travel Coverage may submit electronically and/or mail in entries. Publications entering Category 103a Travel Magazines and 103b Travel Coverage in Other Magazines should mail the required issues, though links to issues are allowed. Category 107 Special Packages/Projects can be a combination of electronic and mail-in elements. Categories 118 and 119 Book entries must be mailed. For broadcast, provide URL link to the work at a hosting website.
  • Date of publication/post must be provided. Entries should show the name and date of publication/post, headline/title and byline(s) as possible. Work must have been published/posted/broadcast in English between April 1, 2018, and March 31, 2019, except as noted in specific categories.
  • Articles/Posts: An entry normally is a single submission, unless otherwise specified in category listing. Usually there should be only one article/post, but short consumer information boxes and short sidebars with it may be included. An article/post that tells the story in several short takes may be entered. However, entries with multiple, longer stories/posts and series must go into the Special Packages/Projects category. Note that we have added a category for Multimedia Single Work for storytelling that includes text, images, audio and video but is not part of a larger package.
  • Grand Award: Submit a portfolio of between 5 and 9 entries with subjects from at least 4 different contest categories, such as domestic travel, adventure travel, etc. If you want 1 or more of the submissions in both Grand Award and a specific category, you must also submit these separately in the applicable subject category.
  • Newspaper Travel Coverage: This is for publications, not individuals. There’s no division by circulation. Publications enter a portfolio of their best travel coverage within the eligible period. See further details/requirements in Category 102 in the Categories document and in Detailed Instructions for entering, on this website. Also, when doing the Entry Form at the contest website, see details with the Category List.
  • Travel Journalism Websites: This category is for the overall website, not individual work. Individual online work may be entered in categories 101, 104-117, 121-124 and others as noted or applicable.
  • Photos illustrating travel: Submit a copy of the article/post showing the photos and text and/or a link to the work or online gallery.
  • Audio/video entries: Enter audio and video work in these categories only, though they may be part of the Grand Award entry and included among submissions for Category 102 Newspaper Travel Coverage, Categories 103a and 103b Magazines, Category 107 Special Packages/Projects and Category 124 Multimedia Single Work. Provide URL link to work at a hosting website. See Instructions for more information.