Faculty at the University of Missouri School of Journalism judged the competition, with Emeritus Prof. John Fennell,
Prof. Jennifer Rowe and administrative assistant Kim Townlain coordinating. There were 1,299 entries. In the following list
of winners, numbers in parentheses denote number of entries in the category.
     The Winners Gallery, showing the results, judges’ comments and links to winning entries, is on our website under the contest heading on the left-side navigation panel.
     For questions, contact: Victoria Larson, SATW Foundation administrator, 917-678-7689, or
Category 101:  Grand Award—Lowell Thomas Travel Journalist of the Year (40)
Gold:      Kevin West, freelance writer, Monterey, MA
Silver:    Stephanie Pearson, freelance writer, contributing editor for Outside magazine, Duluth, MN
Bronze:  Sebastian Modak, freelance writer-photographer and “The 52 Places Traveler” author (2019)
                for The New York Times, New York City
Honorable Mention: Aaron Teasdale, freelance writer-photographer, Missoula, MT
Category 102:  Newspaper Travel Coverage (6)
Gold:     The New York Times, Amy Virshup, Travel Editor
Silver:   Wall Street Journal Off Duty, Deborah Dunn, Travel Editor
Bronze: The Plain Dealer, Cleveland, Susan Glaser, Travel Editor
Honorable Mention:  The Boston Globe, Chris Morris, Travel Editor
Category 103:  Magazines (14)
103A — Travel Magazines
Gold:    National Geographic Traveler, George W. Stone, Editor-in-Chief
Silver:  Afar, Julia Cosgrove, Editor-in-Chief    
Bronze: Travel + Leisure, Jacqueline Gifford, Editor-in-Chief
Honorable Mention:  Southbound, Kevin Benefield, Editor-in-Chief
103B — Travel Coverage in General Magazines
Gold:    Yankee, Mel Allen, Editor
Silver:  Midwest Living, Kylee Krizmanic, Editor-in-Chief; Trevor Meers, former Editor;
              Timothy Meinch, Travel Editor
Bronze: Outside, Christopher Keyes, Editor-in-Chief
Honorable Mention:  Westways, Leslie Mieko Yap, Editorial Director; Elizabeth Harryman, Travel Editor;
                                     Eric Van Eyke, Creative Director
Category 104:  U.S./Canada Travel (118)
Gold:    Matthew Meltzer, “Bars That Don’t Close and a Deep South Cultural Education
              in Natchez, Mississippi,” Matador Network
Silver:   Lillian Li, “All Eyes On D.C.,” Travel + Leisure
Bronze: Peter Fish, “The Forever Magic of Big Sur,” Coastal Living   
Honorable Mention:  Jon Gorey, “Blue Ridge Serenade: Asheville Makes Artsy Look Easy,”
                                     The Boston Globe Magazine
Category 105:  Foreign Travel (128)
Gold:     Kim Cross, “Noel + Leon,” Bicycling
Silver:   Chris Colin, “Road Tennis Is the Coolest Sport You’ve Never Heard Of,” Airbnb Magazine
Bronze: Sebastian Modak, “In Uzbekistan, Encounters With a Dead Goat. But in a Good Way,”
               The New York Times
Category 106:  Photo Illustration of Travel (52)
Gold:   Jennifer Emerling, “California: A Quest for Quiet,” National Geographic Traveler
Silver:  Matt Brass, “Water, Smoke, Spirit, Forest, Ghost, Land, Sky,” National Parks
Bronze:Dina Litovsky, “Philadelphia,” National Geographic Traveler
Honorable Mention:  Gregg Segal, “American Idyll,” Smithsonian Magazine
Category 107:  Special Packages/Projects (10)
Gold:    George W. Stone, “Sound Journeys,” National Geographic Traveler
Silver:   Nikki Ekstein, Chris Rovzar, Justin Ocean and James Gaddy, “Where to Go in 2020,”
              Bloomberg Pursuits
Bronze: Besha Rodell, “World’s Best Restaurants 2019,” Travel + Leisure
Category 108: Cruise Travel (53)
Gold:    Emily Gillespie, “Instead of Flying to This Peruvian City, She Took a Slow Cruise
              Down the Amazon — On a Cargo Ship,” The Washington Post
Silver:   Fran Golden, “Welcome to Your Luxury Cruise! Here’s Where It Gets Complicated,”
              Bloomberg Pursuits
Bronze: Christina Ianzito, “America by River,” AARP The Magazine
Honorable Mention: Maggie Shipstead, “Spirit of the North,” Travel + Leisure
Category 109:  Adventure Travel (81)
Gold:   Melissa Sevigny, “The Wild Ones,” The Atavist Magazine
Silver: Nick Heil, “The Tragedy on Howse Peak,” Outside
Bronze:Jayme Moye, “Thirteen Feet Under,” Alpinist
Honorable Mention: Adam Karlin, “Welcome to the Land,” The Statesider
Category 110:  Travel News/Investigative Reporting (44)
Gold:   Taylor Dolven and Alex Harris, “Crew Are Stuck on Miami Cruise Ships
             With COVID-19 Spreading. Some Aren’t Being Paid,” Miami Herald
Silver:  Chabeli Carrazana, Rich Pope and Adelaide Chen, “Laborland: In a Theme Park
              Parking Lot, a Worker Sleeps in Her Car,” Orlando Sentinel
Bronze: Alex Perry, “The Last Days of John Allen Chau,” Outside
Honorable Mention: Nikki Ekstein, “Carbon Credits Won’t Be Travel’s Saving Grace,” Bloomberg Pursuits
Category 111:  Service-Oriented Consumer Work (61)
Gold:   Stephanie Pearson, “Does Travel Insurance Cover the Coronavirus?” Outside
Silver:  Paula Froelich, “Traveling to Asia Amid Coronavirus: Masks, Raw Hands, Empty Planes
             and Paranoia,” New York Post
Bronze:Katherine LaGrave, “An A to Z Guide to Not Killing the Planet When You Travel,” Condé Nast Traveler
Honorable Mention:  Lisa Ballard, “Be a Savvier Traveler,” Image Health Watch
Category 112:  Environmental and Sustainable Tourism (99)
Gold:    Stephanie Pearson, “The Uncertain Future of the Boundary Waters,” Outside
Silver:  Aaron Teasdale, “Building an American Serengeti,” Sierra magazine
Bronze: Kevin West, “Too Much of a Good Thing,” Departures
Honorable Mention: Bob Howells, “Prairie Home,” National Geographic Traveler
Category 113:  Cultural Tourism (86)
Gold:   Pico Iyer, “A Journey Into Greece’s Land of a Thousand Stories,”
            The New York Times Style Magazine
Silver:  Amanda Castleman, “Love in a Time of Abundance,” Hidden Compass
Bronze: Jeff MacGregor, “The Last of the Great American Hobos,” Smithsonian Magazine
Honorable Mention:  Christopher P. Baker, “The Ancient Guardians of the Earth,” BBC Travel
Category 114:  Personal Comment (95)
Gold:   Mark Sundeen, “I Was Flying to Montana to Bury My Son,” Outside
Silver:  Diane Covington-Carter, “Departure Points: Dad’s Stories Resonated,” Los Angeles Times
Bronze:La Carmina, “I Traveled to Brazil With Author Elizabeth Wurtzel. Here’s Everything
             She Taught Me,” Fodor’s Travel
Honorable Mention:  Steve Macone, “Ice Fishing Is Fun!” The New York Times
Category 115:  Special-Purpose Travel (82)
Gold:    Lavinia Spalding, “Playing by Heart,” Afar
Silver:   Ken Budd, “The Moral Dilemma of Volunteer Tourism,” The Washington Post Magazine
Bronze: Taylor Gee, “Fame, Romance, and a Second Chance on the PCT,” Outside
Category 116:  Short Work on Travel (61)
Gold:    Fran Golden, “You Can Now Ride a Submarine to the Deepest Point on Earth,” Bloomberg Pursuits
Silver:   Mary Bergin, “Pitmaster Puts Town on Map,” Chicago Tribune
Bronze: Sarah Khan, “Raise the Roof,” Condé Nast Traveler
Honorable Mention:  Fran Golden, “Choose a Cruise Line With Strong Local Ties,” Travel + Leisure
Category 117:  Culinary-Related Travel (89)
Gold:   Jill Robinson, “The Path to Uncharted,” National Geographic (special issue)
Silver:  Christopher Hall, “Purple Gold,” Via Magazine
Bronze:Kevin West, “The Tables of Babel,” Departures
Honorable Mention:  Deborah Jacobs, “It’s Piquillo Pepper Season. So Don’t Mess With the Roaster
                                     in Tolosa,” blog
Category 118:  Travel Book (17)
Gold:   Bob Krist, “Old Souls & Timeless Places,” Brilliant Press
Silver:  Peter Zheutlin, “The Dog Went Over the Mountain — Travels With Albie: An American Journey,”
             Pegasus Books
Bronze: Jane Ammeson, “Lincoln Road Trip: The Back-Roads Guide to America’s Favorite President,”
              Red Lightning Books, an imprint of Indiana University Press
Honorable Mention:  Caroline Van Hemert, “The Sun Is a Compass: My 4,000-Mile Journey
                                     Into the Alaskan Wilds,” Little, Brown Spark, an imprint of Little, Brown and Co.
Category 119:  Guidebook (21)
Gold:   Frances Mayes and Ondine Cohane, “Frances Mayes Always Italy,” National Geographic Books
Silver:  Henry Kisor and Christine Goodier, “Traveling With Service Animals,” University of Illinois Press
Bronze:Anne Howard and Mike Howard, “Comfortably Wild: The Best Glamping Destinations
             in North America,” Falcon, an imprint of The Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group
Honorable Mention: Valerie Stimac, “Dark Skies,” Lonely Planet
Category 120:  Travel Journalism Websites (12)
Gold:, Travel + Leisure, Deanne Kaczerski, Digital Executive Editor
Silver:, Fathom, Pavia Rosati and Jeralyn Gerba, Afar, Julia Cosgrove, Editor-in-Chief
Honorable Mention:, Matador Network, Laura Reilly, Scott Sporleder and Ross Borden
Category 121: Travel Audio (54)
121A:  Travel Audio — Radio
Gold:   Liz Beatty, “Rafting North America’s Wildest River System,” Travel Update episode on Canada Now,
             Sirius XM Canada Talks Channel 167
Silver:  Thomas Wilmer, “Door County’s Haunted Lighthouses, Cheese, Cherries & Family Resorts,”
             NPR One/NPR affiliate KCBX
Bronze: Rick Steves, Timothy Tattan, Isaac Kaplan-Woolner and Kasmira Hall, “Travel With Rick Steves,
              Program 571: Pluto; One Giant Leap; Astronaut’s view; Summer of ’73,” Rick Steves Europe
121B:  Travel Audio — Podcasts and Guides
Gold:     Liz Beatty, “Inside Great Lakes Indigenous Culture — Before There Was a Canada/US Border,” 
Silver:    Liz Beatty, “The Viking Heart of American and Canadian New Icelanders,”
Bronze: Scott Gurian, “Medicine Man,” Far From Home podcast
Category 122:  Video on Travel (25)
Gold:    Phil Calvert, Rob Chursinoff, Fraser James, Doree Simon and Scott Sporleder,
             “Phil Good Travel: Things Get TRIPPY in Zagreb, Croatia,” Matador Network
Silver:  Anne Banas and Anna Bressanin, “Anne-Sophie Pic: The Chef Who Rules France,” BBC Travel
Bronze:Seth Doane, Sari Aviv, Steve Tyler, Rand Morrison and Henry Bautista, “CBS Sunday Morning:
             A Chance to Dream,” CBS Sunday Morning
Honorable Mention:  Kate Schoenbach, “The Africans Who Wear Victorian Petticoats,” BBC Travel
Category 123:  Travel Blogs (38)
Gold:    Brad A. Johnson, Food & Travel Blog,  
Silver:  Janet Steinberg, Travel Blog,
Bronze: Sylvia Longmire, Spin the Globe,,
Honorable Mention:  Amanda Williams, A Dangerous Business Travel Blog,
Category 124:  Multimedia Single Work (13)
Gold:   Ellie Cobb, “Is This the Future of Underwater Exploration?” BBC Travel
Silver:  Shannon Sims, Todd Heisler, Phaedra Brown, Stephen Hiltner and Rumsey Taylor,
             “Discovering Cuba, An Island of Music,” The New York Times
Bronze:Katie Knorovsky, “21 Visionary Women Travelers,” National Geographic Traveler
Honorable Mention:  Laura Kiniry and Daniel Kavanaugh, “For Salvadorans, Pupusas Mean Comfort,”
            BBC Travel
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