Judging was overseen by the University of Missouri School of Journalism with Emeritus Prof. John Fennell, Prof. Jennifer Rowe and administrative assistant Kim Townlain coordinating 27 judges this year. There were 1,278 entries. In the following list of winners, numbers in parentheses denote number of entries in the category.
The Winners Gallery, showing the results, judges’ comments and links to winning entries, is online at the Foundation website, For questions, contact: Victoria Larson, SATW Foundation administrator, at
Category 101:  Grand Award — Lowell Thomas Travel Journalist of the Year (28)
Gold:      Katherine LaGrave, digital features editor, Afar, New York City
Silver:    Alex Pulaski, freelance writer, West Linn, OR
Bronze:  Margie Goldsmith, freelance writer, New York City
Honorable Mention: Sarah Khan, freelance writer, Sharon, MA
Category 102:  Robert Haru Fisher Award for Travel Health/Safety Coverage (57)
Gold:     Matt Crossman, “I Flew to Texas to Watch Bull Riding on an Aircraft Carrier During COVID,”
Silver:   Salma Abdelnour Gilman, “Is It Safe to Travel This Summer?”
Bronze: Jenna Scatena, “Turkey’s Unique Hand-Sanitising Method,” BBC Travel
Category 103:  Newspaper Travel Coverage (5)
Gold:      The Plain Dealer (Cleveland), Susan Glaser, Travel Editor
Silver:    The New York Times, Amy Virshup, Travel Editor
Bronze:  The Boston Globe, Chris Morris, Travel Editor
Honorable Mention: StarTribune (Minneapolis), Kerri Westenberg, Travel Editor
Category 104:  Magazines (12)
104A — Travel Magazines
Gold:      Travel + Leisure, Jacqueline Gifford, Editor-in-Chief
Silver:    Condé Nast Traveler, Jesse Ashlock, U.S. Editor, and Divia Thani, Global Editorial Director
Bronze:  Afar, Julia Cosgrove, Editor-in-Chief
Honorable Mention: Southbound, Kevin Benefield, Editor-in-Chief
104B — Travel Coverage in General Magazines
Gold:     Outside, Christopher Keyes, Editor
Silver:    Midwest Living, Kylee Krizmanic, Editor-in-Chief; Hannah Agran, Executive Editor;
               Timothy Meinch, Travel Editor
Bronze:  National Parks, Rona Marech, Editor-in-Chief
Honorable Mention: Yankee, Mel Allen, Editor
Category 105:  U.S./Canada Travel (122)
Gold:      Sebastian Modak, “I Traveled to 52 Places. Then I Discovered N.Y. on My Bike,” The New York Times                 
Silver:    Chris Colin, “Can the Outdoors Save Guys From Themselves?” Outside
Bronze:  Pico Iyer, “The Wonders Close to Home,” Westways
Honorable Mention: Jennifer Wilson, “Philly Special,” Travel + Leisure
Category 106:  Foreign Travel (68)
Gold:     Todd Pitock, “A Nation of Saunas and Startups,” Readers Digest International
Silver:    Kevin West, “Venice,” Travel + Leisure
Bronze:  Masha Nordbye, “In Search of Terra Incognita,” Russian Life magazine,
Honorable Mention: Karen Schwartz, “I’m a U.S. Citizen. Where in the World Can I Go?” The New York Times
Category 107:  Photo Illustration of Travel (41)
Gold:      Richard Frishman, “Hidden in Plain Sight: The Ghosts of Segregation,” The New York Times
Silver:    Jared Soares, “Historical Interpreters Share Their Sides of the Story,” National Geographic Traveler
Bronze:  Pete McBride, “The Last Quiet Places,” Smithsonian Magazine
Honorable Mention: Stuart Palley, “Wildfires Have Ravaged Napa Valley. Will California’s Wine Industry Survive?”
                National Geographic Traveler
Category 108:  Special Packages/Series (24)
Gold:      “A Year Without Travel,” Ceylan Yeginsu, Stephen Hiltner, Tariro Mzezewa, Lisa Foderaro and
                Peter Kujawinski, The New York Times
Silver:    “Black Travel: The Movement,” multiple authors, Travel + Leisure
Bronze:  “Stranded at Sea,” Taylor Dolven and Emily Michot, Miami Herald                                                                                         
Honorable Mention: “Untold America,” Eliot Stein, Alba Jaramillo, Anne Banas and Laura Llewellyn, BBC Travel
Category 109:  Cruise Travel (52)
Gold:     Jennifer Bain, “Explore Greenland Aboard an Expedition Cruise,”
Silver:    Susan Portnoy, “Experience the Great Bear Rainforest on a Magical Small Ship Cruise,” The Insatiable Traveler
Bronze:  Dennis Heinze, “Adventure Alaska,” AAA Midwest Traveler
Honorable Mention: Fran Golden, “The Messy Booming Business of Recycling Cruise Ships,” Bloomberg Pursuits
Category 110:  Adventure Travel (54)
Gold:      Alec Scott, “Lost Horizons,” Travel Stories of Wonder and Change, an Anthology
Silver:    Louise Farr, “The Accident on the Pacific Crest Trail,” Alta Journal
Bronze:  Mark Jenkins, “My Crazy Bid to See a Solar Eclipse at 20,000 Feet,” Outside
Category 111:  Travel News/Investigative Reporting (47)
Gold:       “COVID Cruises,” Taylor Dolven, Sarah Blaskey, Nicholas Nehamas, Alex Harris and Forrest Milburn,
                 Miami Herald
Silver:     “Inside the Nightmare Voyage of the Diamond Princess,” Doug Bock Clark, GQ
Bronze:  “Travel Insurance: Is It Worth It?” Elaine Glusac, The New York Times               
Honorable Mention: “As Lunar New Year Approaches, Many Asians Worry About Future Journeys,” Qin Xie,
                National Geographic Traveler          
Category 112:  Service-Oriented Consumer Work (65)
Gold:      Jessica Wynne Lockhart, “Essential Guide to Responsible & Ethical Travel,” Verge Magazine
Silver:    Christopher Keyes and multiple authors, “27 Epic Trips to Start Planning Now,” Outside
Bronze:  Ali Wunderman, “Costa Rica Has Reopened to Travelers. Here’s What It’s Like to Visit,” Lonely Planet
Honorable Mention: Logan Ward, “Smartest Places to Retire,” Southern Living
Category 113:  Environmental and Sustainable Tourism (74)
Gold:      Oliver Smith, “Sudden Solitude on One of the World’s Busiest Mountains,”
Silver:     Sandy Lang, “A Walk With the Woods,”
Bronze:  Jeff MacGregor, “It Is Here. And It Is Hungry,” Smithsonian Magazine
Honorable Mention: Elizabeth Miller, “The Losing Coast,” The Statesider
Category 114:  Cultural Tourism (92)
Gold:      Saki Knafo, “Exploring Bahia’s Afro-Brazilian Roots,” Condé Nast Traveler
Silver:    Alexis Marie Adams, “Italy’s Timeless Trails,” National Geographic Traveler
Bronze:  Christopher P. Baker, “Cuba and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance,” Australian Road Rider
Category 115:  Personal Comment (158)
Gold:     Caroline Van Hemert, “What the Caribou Taught Me About Being Together, and Apart,” The New York Times
Silver:    Erin Byrne, “Our Ravaged Lady,” Travelers’ Tales
Bronze:  Aatish Taseer, “The Writer and the World,” Travel + Leisure
Honorable Mention: Tyrone Beason, “A Black Reporter’s Road Trip to the Inauguration — and a Search
                for America’s Soul,” Los Angeles Times        
Category 116:  Special-Purpose Travel (70)
Gold:      Amanda Ruggeri, “In Guatemala, the Maya World Untouched for Centuries,” BBC Travel
Silver:    Tony Perrottet, “The Way of the Shogun,” Smithsonian Magazine
Bronze:  Cory Lee Woodard, “Traveling While Using a Wheelchair,” Expedia Viewfinder
Honorable Mention: Richard Grant, “The Lost History of Yellowstone,” Smithsonian Magazine
Category 117:  Short Work on Travel (43)
Gold:      Leigh Ann Henion, “Athens’s Tree of the People,” Garden & Gun
Silver:    Sebastian Modak, “Postcard From New York, or, Searching for Home in Any Old Bar,” Punch
Bronze:  Stephanie Elizondo Griest, “Power Moves,” Travel + Leisure
Honorable Mention: Sallie Lewis, “Robert Smithson’s Iconic ‘Spiral Jetty’ Celebrates 50th Anniversary,”
                Architectural Digest
Category 118:  Culinary-Related Travel (93)
Gold:      Franz Lidz, “Pie Is a Constant — In Naples, the Formula Calls for Pizza,” Smithsonian Magazine
Silver:    Michael W. Twitty, “How Rice Shaped the American South,” BBC Travel
Bronze:  Betsy Andrews, “The World’s Best Spud Recipes Come From This Potato Paradise,” Food & Wine
Honorable Mention: Rachel Ng, “Singapore’s Iconic, But Endangered, Street Food Now Has UNESCO Status,”
                National Geographic Traveler
Category 119:  Travel Book (21)
Gold:     George Steinmetz and Andrew Revkin, “The Human Planet: Earth at the Dawn of the Anthropocene,”
               Abrams Books
Silver:    Carl Hoffman, “Liar’s Circus,” HarperCollins/Custom House
Bronze:  Conor Knighton, “Leave Only Footprints: My Acadia-to-Zion Journey Through Every National Park,” Crown
Honorable Mention: Loren Ghiglione, Alyssa Karas and Dan Tham, “Genus Americanus: Hitting the Road
                in Search of America’s Identity,” The University of Georgia Press
Category 120:  Guidebook (13)
Gold:      Deborah D. Douglas, “Moon U.S. Civil Rights Trail,” Avalon Travel
Silver:    Joe Yogerst, “100 Parks, 5,000 Ideas,” National Geographic Books
Bronze:  Joe Yogerst, “100 Drives, 5,000 Ideas,” National Geographic Books
Honorable Mention: Rick Steves, Sarah Murdoch and Alfio Di Mauro, “Rick Steves Sicily,” Avalon Travel
Category 121:  Travel Journalism Websites (16)
Gold:, Condé Nast Traveler, Jesse Ashlock, U.S. Editor;
                Stephanie Wu and Corina Quinn, digital directors
Silver:, Frommer Media, Jason Cochran, Editor-in-Chief; Pauline Frommer, co-president;
               Zac Thompson, Associate Editor
Bronze:, BBC Travel, Anne Banas, Editor
Honorable Mention:, Wander With Wonder, Susan Lanier-Graham,
Category 122: Travel Audio (64)
122A: Travel Audio — Radio
Gold:     Annita Thomas, “Travel Bags With Annita Explores the Rice Culture of the Southern Low Country,”
                WDUN AM 550 and FM 102.9, Gainesville, GA
Silver:    Robert J. Carey Jr., Mary W. Carey and Rudy Maxa, “RMWorldTravel,” Dec. 12, 2020, show,
               RMWorldTravel Connection on 470+ network stations
Bronze:  Rick Steves, Tim Tattan and Kasmira Hall, “Travel With Rick Steves: Bulgarian Festivals;
                Paul Theroux’s Travels; Checking In,” Rick Steves Europe on radio stations nationwide
122B:  Travel Audio – Podcasts and Guides
Gold:     Tonya Fitzpatrick, Ian Fitzpatrick and Edward Cole, “Escape From India During COVID-19,”
               World Footprints
Silver:    Liz Beatty and Lia Grainger, “The Hasids of Williamsburg, Brooklyn and Outremont, Montreal —
               Where Trend Meets Tradition,” North Americana Podcast
Bronze:  Nathan Thornburgh, Alexa van Sickle, Tafi Mukunyadzi, Cengiz Yar and Emily Marinoff,
                “The Trip: Iraq,” Roads & Kingdoms
Honorable Mention: Kellee Edwards, “Let’s Go Together —Visiting With Respect: Learning About Native
                Cultures in Alaska and Hawaii,” Travel + Leisure
Category 123:  Video on Travel (22)
Gold:      Scott Sporleder and Caz Tanner, “Faka’apa’apa,” Matador Network
Silver:     Amanda Ruggeri and Monica Wise, “Guatemala’s Lost World,” BBC World News, BBC Reel
                and BBC Travel
Bronze:  Seth Doane, Sari Aviv, George Pozderec, Rand Morrison and Henry Bautista, “CBS Sunday Morning:
                Not So Plain,” CBS News/CBS Sunday Morning
Honorable Mention: Amy Traverso, “Weekends With Yankee: Portsmouth, NH/Vida Cantina, David Vargas,
                Chef/Owner,” Yankee Publishing
Category 124:  Travel Blogs (24)
Gold:     Amanda Williams, A Dangerous Business Travel Blog,
Silver:    Irene S. Levine and Hilary Nangle, GettingOnTravel,
Bronze:  Lina Stock and David Stock, Divergent Travelers Adventure Travel Blog,
Honorable Mention: Janet Steinberg, Travel Blog,

Category 125:  Multimedia Single Work (13)
Gold:     “The Plan to Protect Indigenous Elders Living Under the Northern Lights,” Peter Kujawinski, Pat Kane
               and Danny DeBelius, The New York Times
Silver:   “New York’s Last Great Jazz Parlour,” Julyssa Lopez, Eddie Shore, Anne Banas, Alba Jaramillo and
               Laura Llewellyn, BBC Travel
Bronze:  “The Forgotten Story of the US’ Black Cowboys,” Heide Brandes, Will Francome, Eliot Stein,
                Alba Jaramillo and Anne Banas, BBC Travel
Honorable Mention: “Is This the New Main Street, USA?” Eliot Stein, Erin Clare Brown, Anne Banas,
                Alba Jaramillo and Laura Llewellyn, BBC Travel