2020-21 SATW Foundation Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Competition

Here are answers for issues that may arise in doing electronic entries in the 2020-21 SATW Foundation Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Competition.

If you need more assistance, contact Mary Lu Abbott,

Q. I created an account at but never got a validation link to complete registration. What should I do?
A. If you do not get a validation email, check your Spam folder and be sure you allow as a sender. If the validation does not work, click Help & Support at top of the BetterBNC page. Check applicable information links there or click Start Trouble Ticket at top of that page.

Media entering for the first time: Follow instructions for Contestant Login, fill in beginning info as requested, then click on Submit Entry and do 2 of your planned entries. This activates an auto validation link to the email address you listed. Check your email (or Spam/Junk mail if you don’t see it) and click the Validation link. Then log into your account and fill out the information fields as requested. Then proceed with other entries.  

Q. How long does it take to get approval to enter this contest?
A. We monitor requests daily and answer asap, usually within 24 hours if not faster.

Q. I manage all the entries for our publication. I see a Circ Group listed for our organization. What is that? It doesn’t apply to us.
A. The designations are for specific categories only. They don’t apply otherwise, but technically we must designate entrants in one so-called “circ group.” Category 103 Newspaper Travel Coverage is for Newspapers to enter a portfolio of their coverage. This category is for media to enter, not individuals. For Category 104 Magazines, there are two subcategories, Travel Magazines and Travel Coverage in General/Other Magazines; choose the applicable one as needed. We normally designate your media in the applicable one but advise us if a change is needed. This also is for media entries, not individuals. Additionally, Category 122a is for Travel Audio-Radio and Category 122b is for Travel Audio-Podcasts and Guides. Media and individuals must enter the applicable Audio category.

Entrants outside those categories should disregard the circ group designation.

Q. Can I mail a hard copy of my article instead of submitting it online?
A. Sorry, but we are not accepting mail-in articles. Category 104 Magazines must mail hard copies of their issues, and Book entries must be mailed. Category 103 Newspaper Travel Coverage and Category 108 Special Packages/Series may be a combination of electronic and mail-in entries. Video and audio entries should provide a URL link to work. See categories for information.

Q. How many entries can I submit?
A. You can submit as many entries as you like, but a single work cannot be entered in more than two categories, as applicable. You also may include it as part of a multiple-submission category, such as the Grand Award. When a specific work is going in more than one category, you must submit it in each category. An entry can win only one award, although it also may be part of a winning package, such as the Grand Award. For Grand Award, an entrant can submit only one portfolio. Likewise, for Category 103 Newspaper Travel Coverage, only one portfolio is allowed, and for Category 104a and 104b only one set of issues can be entered.

Q. Can I enter a series?
A. A series can be entered in Category 108 Special Packages/Series. Otherwise, in most categories, an entry is a single work (supplemental info boxes allowed). If you enter a series in Category 108, do not enter a single component of the series in any other category. But if you prefer not to enter the series in that category, you may enter a single component in an applicable category. Also, Category 115 Personal Comment has a note about short series, as in several posts/articles on a subject.

Q. I don't live in North America. Can I enter the contest?
A. This year, foreign journalists are allowed to enter their work in North American media and work on their own websites. All work must be in English. Note that our audience is the North American traveler. For winners who live overseas, it is difficult for us to ship awards internationally. If possible, provide a North American address, such as the media company or a home base. 

Q. How do I fill out the entry form for all my submissions in Category 101 for the Grand Award?
A. For Grand Award, a portfolio of work, on the entry form in Where Published/Performed, leave first box Other… and in second box put Various. In Headline/Title of Entry, put Portfolio of work. In the date fields, put in the publish date of one work, such as earliest eligible one. Attach copies of work and/or give URL links. Also on a Word document, list your Grand Award entries with the publisher/website/broadcaster name, the headline/title and the date published/posted/aired and attach this document.

Q. For Category 103 Newspaper Travel Coverage, how do I fill out the entry form for all the submissions?
A. Newspaper entrants now submit a portfolio of their best travel coverage within the eligible period. In the Headline/Title of Entry field, put publication name, like Los Angeles Times Travel. In the publication/run date field, put date of one of the portfolio of entries, such as earliest in the eligible period. On a Word document, list the entries (headlines and dates) and attach this with the entry attachments/URLs. You do not need to list credits (bylines) for each entry in the portfolio. Portfolios may be a combination of electronic and mail-in entries as needed.