Society of American Travel Writers Foundation
Annual Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Competition

We have compiled lists of past winners to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Competition in 2014-15.

Our first awards were presented in 1985 for work published in 1984. For the first two decades, our contest ran on the calendar year, for work from January 1 through December 31. In 2001, the contest was changed to span spring to spring, overlapping years. Thus, clicking the year 2002 below brings up winners for work done in 2001-02. The following years are similar time spans.

Click on each year to see winners.

Use the Search field on this page, below the list of years, to find names of winning publications and journalists. This will bring up a list of years in which the name appears. Then use your Brower’s search function to find the name on that specific page/list.

1985 (work published in 1984) 2000 2015
1986 2001 2016
1987  2002 (work published in 2001-02)  
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If you are interested in searching the database of SATW Foundation's Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Competition past winners, please use the search section below.

We have tallied the number of awards that some journalists and media have won over the 30 years. CLICK HERE to see who the big winners are.