Society of American Travel Writers Foundation
Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Competition
1999 Awards for Work Published in 1998

The 15th annual competition increased to 23 categories, or 26 with subcategories in Newspaper Travel Sections and Magazines. We added two categories: Special Packages/Projects, for in-depth coverage including multiple articles on a travel topic; and Personal Comment, for columns, essays, editorials, humor or similar work.
The Electronic Media category was changed into two categories: One for Internet Publication/Website, with no monetary prize; and the other for Internet Travel Article, with a $500 prize for first place, like other individual categories. The category for Destination Travel in Film, Video, Audio or a combination was dropped because of declining number of entries.

Entries were judged by faculty members at the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications, with Prof. William McKeen as coordinator.
Category 1: Grand Award — Lowell Thomas Travel Journalist of the Year
Gold:     Jill Schensul, The Record (Hackensack, NJ)
Silver:    Kristin Jackson, The Seattle Times
Bronze: Alan Solomon, Chicago Tribune
Category 2: Newspaper Travel Sections
2A — Newspapers with 500,000 or more circulation
Gold:     The Seattle Times, John Macdonald, Travel Editor
Silver:    The Dallas Morning News, Karen Jordan, Travel Editor
Bronze: The Boston Globe, Jerry Morris, Travel Editor
2B — Newspapers with 350,000-499,999 Circulation
Gold:     The Oregonian, Sue Hobart, Travel Editor 
Silver:    The St. Petersburg Times, Robert N. Jenkins, Travel Editor
Bronze: Rocky Mountain News, Mim Swartz, Travel Editor
2C — Newspapers with less than 350,000 Circulation
Gold:     The Record (Hackensack, NJ), Jill Schensul, Travel Editor             
Silver:    Contra Costa Times, Carol Fowler, Travel Editor
Bronze: The Washington Times, Richard Slusser, Travel Editor
Category 3: Travel Magazines
3A — Monthly or more frequent
Gold:     Hemispheres, Randy Johnson, Editor         
Silver:    Southwest Airlines Spirit, John Clark, Editor
Bronze: No award
3B — Non-monthly
Gold:     Caribbean Travel and Life, Steve Blount, Editor
Silver:    Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel, Arthur Frommer, Editor-in-Chief
Bronze: Golf & Travel, Cindi Crain, Editor
Category 4: Newspaper Article on U.S./Canada Travel
Gold:     Jeannie Kever, “Remember This Alamo?” Houston Chronicle        
Silver:    Mike Tidwell, “Where Is This Man Fishing?” The Washington Post
Bronze: Tamara Ikenberg, “New York on the Cheap,” The Baltimore Sun   
Category 5: Magazine Article on U.S/Canada Travel
Gold:     Dara Horn, “The Northern Front,” American Heritage                     
Silver:    Robb Mandelbaum, “A City Runs Through It,” Travel Holiday
Bronze: Carolyn See, “A Novel Town,” Westways 
Category 6: Newspaper Article on Foreign Travel
Gold:     Mike Tidwell, “Far Be It,” The Washington Post
Silver:    Donna Rosenthal, “Through Maori Eyes,” The New York Times    
Bronze: Robert N. Jenkins, “Land of Contrasts” (Israel), St. Petersburg Times
Category 7: Magazine Article on Foreign Travel
Gold:     R.W. Apple Jr., “Dresden and Weimar,” Gourmet
Silver:    Julia Wilkinson, “Heart of the Celestial Empire,” National Geographic Traveler "Heart of the Celestial Empire"
Bronze: Cheo Tyehimba, “Scarred Walls of Stone,” American Legacy
Category 8: Newspaper Photo Illustration of Travel/Color
Gold:     Betty Udesen, “Beloved Country,” The Seattle Times
Silver:    Jill Schensul, “Kathmandu: Catapulted into a Culture That’s Sublime and Unsettling,”
               The Record (Hackensack, NJ)                     
Bronze: Steve Nehl, “Rough and Ready,” The Oregonian (Portland)
Category 9: Magazine Photo Illustration of Travel/Color
Gold:     Carol Lundeen, “Cable Ready: A Day in the Life of a San Francisco Cable Car,”
Silver:    Patrice Halley, “Masquerade,” Islands
Bronze: James Whitlow Delano, “New Age of Discovery,” Hemispheres
Category 10: Special Packages/Projects
Gold:     Alan Solomon, “Great American Drives,” Chicago Tribune            
Silver:    The Dallas Morning News Staff, “Final Destinations,” The Dallas Morning News
Bronze: The Oregonian Staff, “Oregon Coast 101,” The Oregonian (Portland)
Category 11: Self-Illustrated Article
Gold:     Kerri McCaffety, “Raising the Dead,” Historic Traveler
Silver:    Catherine Watson, “Safari,” Star Tribune (Minneapolis)
Bronze: Alan Solomon, “Five Days on California 1,” Chicago Tribune
Category 12: Article on Land Travel
Gold:     Arthur Zich, “Journey Across Java,” Islands                                    
Silver:    Marc Ramirez, “Hog Heaven,” The Seattle Times
Bronze: Chris Kridler, “Funnel Vision,” The Baltimore Sun
Category 13: Article on Marine Travel
Gold:     Chris Welsch, “Dreaming Amazonia,” Star Tribune (Minneapolis)
Silver:    Joseph Yogerst, “A Foolproof Paradise,” Aqua Magazine
Bronze: Dan Klinglesmith, “Easy Odyssey,” New Hampshire Sunday News
Honorable Mention: Ray Boren, “By Boat to Yellowstone’s Shoshone Lake,”
               The Deseret News (Salt Lake City) 
Category 14: Article on Adventure Travel
Gold:     Tom Mueller, “Surviving the Eco-Challenge Adventure,” Hemispheres
Silver:    Bob Payne, “New Zealand — The Vistas of Summer,” Islands
Bronze: Sara Hare, “The Lady and the SLORC” (Burma), Blue Magazine
Category 15: Travel News/Investigative Reporting
Gold:     Kristin Jackson, “Tourism’s Dark Side Gets Some Exposure,” The Seattle Times
Silver:    Michael Shapiro, “Your Mileage May Vary,” The San Francisco Examiner
Bronze: Robb Mandelbaum, “What? Me a Smuggler?” Travel Holiday
Honorable Mention: Herb Hiller, “Florida’s New Highway Map: The Wrong Road Taken,”
               The Gainesville Sun
Category 16: Service-oriented Consumer Article
Gold:     Dan Allender, “Visit or Vacation,” Hemispheres
Silver:    Terri Mandell, “Are We There Yet?” Children Magazine
Bronze: Pauline Frommer, “Swapping Homes,” Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel
Category 17: Environmental Tourism Article
Gold:     Leigh Newman, “Stalking the Last Tiger,” Travel Holiday
Silver:    Jill Schensul, “Nature Out of Balance,” The Record (Hackensack, NJ)
Bronze: Bucky McMahon, “Carving Up Paradise,” Aqua Magazine
Category 18: Cultural Tourism Article
Gold:     Michael Wolfe, “The Real Mecca,” Attaché magazine
Silver:    Byron Acohido, “Tundra Struggle: Is Tourism the Answer for Remote
               Alaskan Town of Bethel?” The Seattle Times
Bronze: Smita Madan Paul, “Bhutan: Hidden Treasure of the Himalayas,” Hemispheres
Category 19: Personal Comment
Gold:     Michael Lassell, “Our European Campaign,” Westways
Silver:    Jerry Large, “Journey in Black and White,” The Seattle Times
Bronze: Catherine Watson, “Jerome: Into the Mystic,” Star Tribune (Minneapolis)
Honorable Mention: Arthur Frommer, “Budget Europe Revisited,”
               Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel
Category 20: Travel Book
Gold:     Wong How Man, “From Manchuria to Tibet,” W.W. Norton & Co./Odyssey Press
Silver:    Carolyn Bennett Patterson, “Of Lands, Legends and Laughter: The Search
               for Adventure with National Geographic,” Fulcrum Publishing
Bronze: Karin Muller, “Hitchhiking Vietnam: A Woman’s Solo Journey in an Elusive Land,”
              Globe Pequot Press
Honorable Mention: Charles Hillinger, “Hillinger's California: Stories from All 58 Counties,”
               Capra Press
Category 21: Guidebook
Gold:     John Doerper, “Coastal California,” (photographs by Galen Rowell),
               Compass American Guides
Silver:    Leonard M. Adkins, “The Appalachian Trail: A Visitor’s Companion,”
               Menasha Ridge Press
Bronze: David Fagundes and Anthony Grant, “Boston: The Mini Rough Guide,” Rough Guides
Category 22: Internet Publication/Website
Gold:, Brent Peich, Director of New Media; Aisling Brennan, Producer                     
Silver:    Salon Wanderlust, Donald George, Editor                                        
Bronze:, Arthur Frommer, Editor-in-Chief                           
Category 23: Internet Travel Article
Gold:     Jill Schensul, “Jill Schensul’s India Diary,” The Bergen (NJ) Record online
Silver:    Maxine Rose Schur, “A Day in the Life of a Longhouse,” Salon Wanderlust
Bronze:  No award

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