Society of American Travel Writers Foundation  
Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Competition
Awards for Work Published in 2004-2005

Members of the Missouri School of Journalism faculty, coordinated by Prof. Daryl Moen, judged the contest. There were 1,385 entries. In the following list of winners, numbers in parentheses denote number of entries in that category. 

Category 1: Grand Award — Lowell Thomas Travel Journalist of the Year (34)
Gold:  Tom Haines, The Boston Globe
Silver:  Peter Jon Lindberg, Travel + Leisure
Bronze:  John Flinn, San Francisco Chronicle
Category 2: Newspaper Travel Sections (28)
2A — Newspapers with 500,000 or more circulation
Gold:  Los Angeles Times, Catharine Hamm, Travel Editor
Silver:  The Boston Globe, Wendy Fox, Travel Editor
Bronze: Chicago Tribune, Randy Curwen, Travel Editor
2B — Newspapers with 350,000-499,999 circulation
Gold:  The Sun (Baltimore), Bruce Friedland, Travel Editor
Silver: The Oregonian (Portland), Sue Hobart, Travel Editor
Bronze:  The Globe and Mail (Toronto), Karan Smith, Travel Editor
2C — Newspapers with 200,000-349,999 circulation
 The Times-Picayune (New Orleans), Millie Ball, Travel Editor
Silver:  San Jose (CA) Mercury News, Linda Zavoral, Travel Editor 
Bronze: Los Angeles Daily News, Eric Noland, Travel Editor
2D — Newspapers under 200,000 circulation
Gold:  Santa Barbara (CA) News-Press, Al Bonowitz, Travel Editor
Silver: Contra Costa (CA) Times, Anne Chalfant, Travel Editor
No Bronze award
Category 3: Magazines (29)
3A — Travel Magazines
Gold: National Geographic Adventure, John Rasmus, Editor-in-Chief
Silver: Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel, Erik Torkells, Editor
Bronze: Arizona Highways, Peter Aleshire, Editor
3B — Travel Coverage in Other Magazines
Gold:  AARP The Magazine, William R. Newcott, Features Editor
Silver: enRoute, Arjun Basu, Editor-in-Chief
Bronze: Midwest Living, Linda Ryberg, Senior Travel Editor
Category 4: Newspaper Article on U.S./Canada Travel (105)
 Audra D.S. Burch, “Sleepy Delta town artlessly draws you into a web of talent,”
The Miami Herald
Silver:  Steve Hendrix, “The Great Indoors,” The Washington Post
Bronze: Jerry Shriver, “Shaking the Blues,” USA Today

Category 5: Magazine Article on U.S./Canadian Travel (91)
Gold:  Richard Hoffer, “Why Vegas?” Via
Silver: Jeff Greenwald, “The Dogs Must be Crazy,” Virtuoso Travel & Life
Bronze: Edie Jarolim, “The Naked Truth,” More
Category 6: Newspaper Article on Foreign Travel (92)
Gold:  Matthew Bradley, “Innocence Abroad,” The Washington Post
Silver: Alan Solomon, “Into Africa,” Chicago Tribune
Bronze: Cindy Loose, “This Silent Place,” The Washington Post
Category 7: Magazine Article on Foreign Travel (84)
Gold:  Todd Pitock, “Family Bonds in South Africa,” Endless Vacation 
Silver:  David Farley, “Natural Born Pig Killers,” Citizen Culture 
Bronze: Scott Spencer, “Naked Cities,” Travel + Leisure 

Category 8: Newspaper Photo Illustration of Travel Article (31)
Gold:  Essdras Suarez, “Degrees of Separation,” The Boston Globe
Silver: Alan Berner, “Portland’s Hip Hub,” The Seattle Times
Bronze: Joan Carlin, “We Brake for Lewis and Clark,” The Oregonian (Portland) 

Category 9: Magazine Photo Illustration of Travel Article (62)
Gold:  Brown Cannon III, “License to Thrill,” Virtuoso Travel + Life
Silver:  Peter Aleshire, “Kingman,” Arizona Highways
Bronze:  Jim Richardson, “Lost in Cornwall,” National Geographic Traveler
Category 10: Special Packages/Projects (60)
Gold: Jill Schensul, “Feeling the Freedom,” The Record (Hackensack, NJ)
Silver: Karan Smith and staff, “The New Europe,” The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Bronze: Leonard Pitts of The Miami Herald and Sarah Glover of The Philadelphia Inquirer,
            “Journey Yields Glimpse of Missing Past”
Category 11: Self-Illustrated Article (77)
Gold:  Michael Kodas, “Implosion,” Hartford Courant
Silver: Chris Welsch, “A Land Unto Itself,” Star Tribune (Minneapolis)
Bronze: Bob Krist, “Myanmar,” Traveler Overseas
Category 12: Article on Land Travel (49)
Gold: Matthew Power, “Lost Highway of the Himalaya,” National Geographic Adventure
Silver: Jan Wong, “Jan Wong’s Excellent Adventure,” The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Bronze: Mike Meyer, “Rails and Ties,” DestinAsian Magazine
Category 13: Article on Marine Travel (69)
Gold:  Tom Uhlenbrock, “Bottom of the World,” St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Silver: Spud Hilton, “Paddling in Explorer’s Wake,” San Francisco Chronicle
Bronze: Steve Chapple, “Micronesia Revealed,” Scuba Diving Magazine
Category 14: Article on Adventure Travel (55)
Gold:  Peter Mandel, “Big Sky in Botswana,” The Boston Globe
Silver:  Jim Thornton, “Jungle Apprentice,” National Geographic Adventure
Bronze: Willie Weir, “Forgotten Turkey,” Adventure Cyclist
Category 15: Travel News/Investigative Reporting (38)
Gold:  Cheryl Phillips, Ken Armstrong, Steve Miletich, “Airport Insecurity,” The Seattle Times
Silver:  Laura Del Rosso, “The Saga of Far and Wide,” Travel Professional
Bronze: John Stone, “Airplan Owner Sales Bites Agents,” Travel Trade
Category 16: Service-Oriented Consumer Article (87)
Gold:  Dan Koeppel and Melissa Wagenberg, “Do You Have Asheville Syndrome?
          (Plus 9 More Tempting Towns),” National Geographic Adventure
Silver:  John Deiner, “Orlando Bedtime Story,” The Washington Post
Bronze:  Charlie Suisman, “My New York Is Better Than Yours,” Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel
Category 17: Environmental Tourism Article (40)
Gold:  Joyce Gregory Wyels, “Mesa Verde: Trial by Fire,” Americas Magazine
Silver:  Paul Kvinta, “Stomping Grounds,” National Geographic Adventure
Bronze: Brian Cantwell, “Front Line Against Extinction,” The Seattle Times
Category 18: Cultural Tourism Article (110)
Gold:  Seth Stevenson, “Trying Really Hard to Like India,”
Silver: Alex Shoumatoff, “Blues Traveler,” Travel + Leisure
Bronze:  Cara Anna, “Crimes of the Art,” The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Category 19: Personal Comment (116)
Gold:  C.M. Mayo, “The Essential Francisco Sosa, or, Picadou’s Mexico City,” Creative Nonfiction Magazine
Silver: Tom Haines, “Feeling Out of this World,” The Boston Globe
Bronze:  Matthew Polly, “Brown Revisited,”
Category 20: Travel Book (24)
Gold:  Mort Rosenblum “Chocolate: A Bittersweet Saga of Dark and Light,” North Point Press
Silver:  Christopher P. Baker, “Cuba Classics: A Celebration of Vintage American Automobiles,”
            Interlink Books
Bronze: Laura Riley and William Riley, “Nature’s Strongholds: The World’s Great Wildlife Reserves,”
            Princeton University Press
Category 21: Guidebook (41)
Gold: Kimberly Lisagor, “Outside’s Wilderness Lodge Vacations,” W.W. Norton & Co.
Silver: Don George with Charlotte Hindle, “Travel Writing,” Lonely Planet Publications
Bronze: Chicki Mallan and Joshua Berman, “Moon Handbooks Belize,” Avalon Travel Publishing
Category 22: Internet Publications/Website (16)
Category 23: Internet Travel Article (47)
Gold:  Frank Zeller, “Tsunami Report,”
Silver:  Elisabeth Eaves, “Dancing in Spanish: Flamenco in Seville,”
Bronze:  Richard Bangs, “Fording the Mighty Mo,”

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