SATW Foundation Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Competition

The following is the current list of categories in the SATW Foundation Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Competition. Entries in categories 101 and 104-117 can be from print (including books) and online. Audio and video also can be entered as part of Category 101 Grand Award and in Category 107 Special Packages/Projects. Except for the Grand Award, you may submit as many articles in a category as you wish, though a single piece cannot be entered in more than two categories. Fees are given with each category. Most are $20 per entry.

Category 101: Grand Award – Lowell Thomas Travel Journalist of the Year
Best portfolio of between 5 and 9 entries in 4 or more contest subject categories. Entries should demonstrate diversity of skills in writing and reporting. Only 1 set of entries allowed per author. Fee: $50.

Category 102: Newspaper Travel Coverage
A portfolio of between 5 and 9 stories, features, articles and other formats of content that inspires, informs and engages travelers. Fee: $50.

Category 103: Travel Magazines/Travel Coverage in Other Magazines
There are two subcategories, one for Travel Magazines and the other for Travel Coverage in Other Magazines, such as lifestyle, in-flight, activities-oriented and special interest. Three consecutive issues required. Fee: $50.

Category 104: U.S./Canada Travel
Focused on destinations and travel experiences in these areas. Fee: $20 per entry.

Category 105: Foreign Travel
Focused on destinations and travel experiences outside the U.S. and Canada. Fee: $20 per entry.

Category 106: Photo Illustration of Travel
Can be single or multiple photos by the same photographer illustrating an article. Fee: $20 per entry.

Category 107: Special Packages/Projects
In-depth or expanded coverage or a series about a travel-related topic in print, audio, video, online or other digital media, or any combination of platforms. Emphasis is on a special, coordinated package, which may include text, graphics, photos, video, audio and consumer interaction. Fee: $50.

Category 108: Cruise Travel

Can be experiential, news reporting, commentary, review, etc. Fee: $20 per entry.

Category 109: Adventure Travel
Focus on the experience — rafting, hiking, biking, trekking, etc. Fee: $20 per entry.

Category 110: Travel News/Investigative Reporting

Hard-hitting coverage and/or analysis of a travel issue (consumer fraud, safety, security, health).
Fee: $20 per entry.

Category 111: Service-Oriented Consumer Work
Consumer tips, how-to’s, advice, etc. Fee: $20 per entry.

Category 112: Environmental Tourism
Focus on ecological or environmental aspects related to travel and tourism. Fee: $20 per entry.

Category 113: Cultural Tourism
Focus on cultural aspects of travel. Fee: $20 per entry.

Category 114: Personal Comment
Column, essay, editorial, humorous article or similar work with personal approach. Fee: $20 per entry.

Category 115: Special-Purpose Travel
Coverage on travel to pursue personal interests such as noncompetitive sports, recreation, history, hobbies and self-improvement. Fee: $20 per entry.

Category 116: Short Work on Travel
Single-subject coverage in up to 800 words. Fee: $20 per entry.

Category 117: Culinary-Related Travel

Coverage of travel that is focused on food, beverages, restaurants and other eating experiences, along with articles on chefs and wineries, that help explain a destination by allowing readers to view it through a culinary prism. Fee: $20 per entry.

Category 118: Travel Book (other than guidebook)
Essay, photoessay, experiential and/or opinion. Books must be first-edition text and/or photos. Fee: $50 per entry.

Category 119: Guidebook
Emphasis on providing useful information as a reference tool to readers. Books must be first editions or major  revisions. Fee: $50 per entry.

Category 120: Travel Journalism Websites
Consumer-oriented editorial website, including web-only and web version of a print medium, with special emphasis on the most effective use of multimedia. Sites may have advertising; however, sites that primarily sell travel components or promotional sites from a travel supplier are not eligible. This category is for the entire website, not individual articles. Note: Newspapers and magazines may enter their travel websites. Fee: $50.

Category 121: Audio Travel Broadcast 
Consumer-oriented program in various types of audio, including traditional and satellite radio, podcast, webcast and audio guide.  Fee: $20 per entry.

Category 122: Video Travel Broadcast
Consumer-oriented, live-action program on various types of video, including network or cable TV, online videocasts, travelogs and Internet Travel Channels. Fee: $20 per entry.

Category 123: Travel Blogs
Ongoing online journal that contributes fact-filled, accurate travel information, encouraging a sense of community and/or offering useful, actionable advice. It should show knowledge of the subject, reflect the distinctive personality of the author, be visually appealing and easy to read/navigate and invite interaction. Fee: $20.