What is the Society of American Travel Writers?
(In 2019 the name was changed to SATW)

Founded in 1955, the Society of American Travel Writers (SATW) is a tax-exempt professional association whose purpose is to:

  • promote responsible journalism
  • provide professional support and development for our members
  • encourage the conservation and preservation of travel resources worldwide.

SATW is the pre-eminent professional association of travel journalists and media relation professionals.  Our members include writers, photographers, editors, electronic media and journalists, film lecturers, broadcast/video/film producers and public relations representatives.

In magazines and newspapers, travel books and guides, radio and television programs, SATW members provide complete, accurate and interesting information on travel destinations, facilities and services.

SATW works to raise the standards of the profession, guard the right of freedom to travel, and encourage conservation and preservation of historic sites and natural wonders. Believing that travel is a bridge between peoples, our earnest desire is to make and keep travel a quality experience for everyone.

For more information about SATW, please click here.